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2 Tips to Having More Spiritual Experiences

I had a powerful conversation about spiritual experiences that I want to share.  During the conversation I was sharing how I have recently had some magical moments that I believe to be divinely orchestrated by the Universe to help me fulfill my divine assignment.  Woohoo for that…I love getting that divine support! During the conversation…

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dance of life

Life’s a Dance…How are you moving & grooving?

As I work with women to reconnect to their inner power magic happens and they begin to see big shifts in their life.  One of the common questions that comes up as the women I work with shift is about how to deal with the relationship with people in their lives while they are changing…

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3 Tips to get rid of your fear of failure

Have you ever considered that you might need more failures in your life? Huh?  More failures?  If you fear failure like I used to, the thought of more failures may be creating a knot in your stomach right now.  Take a deep breath and keep reading. There was a time in my life when I…

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Who are you

It’s time to remember who you are

Have you ever noticed when you are at a party or mingling somewhere people like to ask “what do you do?”  If you want to shake things up try asking this question instead, “Who are you?”  It’s a small shift in the question that has big impact.  I love to ask people this question and…

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are you busy being busy

Are you busy being busy?

Sometimes life gets crazy for all of us.  In those crazy times you have a million things going on, and usually those things are all going on at once.  Women especially are known for trying to keep up with everything: the kids’ activities, the household chores, the grocery shopping, all that’s going on at work,…

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The secret to getting what you want

The secret to getting what you want

I’m finishing up day 5 of a juice cleanse.  I recently had someone ask me how I can go for 5 days without any food.  The person who asked assumed the process to be torturous and agonizing for me.  They asked if I craved my favorite foods or being around someone else eating made me…

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how to avoid your inner party crasher

How to avoid your inner party crasher

Earth’s population is about 7,000,000,000.  Whoa that’s a lot of people!  Now ponder this, of the 7,000,000,000 people on this planet, there is only one you.  There is not another person who has the exact same make up as you or who has had the exact same experiences as you.  That makes you pretty incredibly…

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how to find whats missing

How to find what’s missing

Most people know of the sacred trilogy consisting of the mind, body and spirit connection.  I love that you are living in a time when more and more people are honoring the mind, body, spirit connection.  It’s exciting to see people focus on their holistic being. As I have gone through my own personal growth…

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Girl blowing flowers

Lessons from Disney World

You are a human being.  That should be no surprise to you.  What may be surprising is how few people in this world live as human beings.  Somewhere along the way humanity as a whole shifted from living as human being to living as human doings.  Society has conditioned you to believe that doing is…

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Its time to be a better you

It’s time to be a better you

We recently posted this quote on In Power Sisterhood’s Facebook page, “I am in competition with no one.  I have no desire to play the game of being better than anyone.  I am simply trying to be better than the person I was yesterday.”  You live in a world that has conditioned you to seek…

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