Are you living in gratitude?

Gratitude is a lifestyle! You may have been conditioned to believe when you find happiness you will have a lot to be grateful for. In that belief gratitude is a byproduct of happiness. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is not happiness that brings you gratitude. It’s gratitude that brings you happiness. When…

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Can you be still & recharge?

“You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes a day, unless you are too busy; then you should sit for an hour.” –Old Zen saying I had to read this saying twice before it really sunk in. Action is rewarded in our current society, not slowing down and recharging.  Even after your body is tired…

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Do you have to release good for amazing?

Life is full of changes!  Change is always happening around you.  You probably want all the changes that are taking place around you to be positive changes.  Unfortunately, you sometimes have to experience a loss to make room for a positive change. This is the case of Jennifer, a sister in our sisterhood who recently…

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Ever wonder what happened to your love & light?

There is a lot of talk these days about personal growth and getting the lessons you are here to learn.  What exactly are the lessons?  What is personal growth? Every person on this planet has love and light inside them.  That love and light was put there by the Universe.  It is an infinite supply…

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Do you really want change?

I work with a lot of women that have a desire to change something in their lives.  I hear requests like I want to change my weight or I want to change how I feel in certain situations.  There seems to be no shortage of the things women would like to change. How many things…

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Do you see possibilities?

I got inspiration for this article from a sister in our sisterhood, Mona.  She posted in a Facebook comment, “Sometimes I forget in what direction I am going.”  I have encountered a lot of women who feel the same way Mona does, they are not sure what direction they are going in and they feel…

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Power of I am good

The Power of I am Good

I want to share a story I read on the internet recently.  I don’t know that this story is true or not.  Regardless, the story is beautiful and it contains many things that you and I can learn from.  This is the story: I was recently told of an African tribe that does the most…

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pleasure pain

Are you wired to receive pleasure?

I want to teach you a simple yet incredible power tool.  If you are looking for a tool that can catapult you into what you want in 2015 this is it. As a human being you are probably wired in a pattern that continuously has you moving away from pain.  You aren’t alone. A startling…

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goal setting

Why setting goals doesn’t work

As 2014 comes to a close and your new chapter of 2015 begins to open, you may be doing what most people are doing, setting goals for the New Year.  I love creating goals and setting in intentions, it’s so powerful.  I have attended goal setting seminars and I have talked to countless women about…

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love and light

What’s the holiday season bringing out in you?

The holiday season is my favorite time of year.  This season seems to bring out the best in us.  There is more grace, love and compassion shared during the holiday season.  During these few weeks we live in an altered state, one that is more loving and compassionate. Last night as I was wrapping gifts,…

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