Are you open to big possibilities?

I’m sure your schedule and your life are crazy busy.  That’s pretty common with women these days.  Our schedules are so packed with tasks and things that need to be done there is very little room for just being and focusing on things beyond what is happening right now.  It’s important, sister, that you take…

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Could there be a benefit in the tough times?

We all experience tough times in life.  No one gets through life without some down times.  How you handle the tough times in life matters.  Could there be a benefit in the tough times?  A few years ago I got a valuable lesson that shifted my perspective on this.  Click the link below to learn…

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Are your connections making you thrive?

As women we are wired to live in connection.  That’s why sisterhood is so important in our lives as women.  Do you have relationships in your life that create connections that make you thrive?  Click the link below to get the article Are You Living in Connection.  This article explains the 3 types of relationships…

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Are You Feeling Lost?

There have been many comments left on our In Power Sisterhood Facebook page and on our blog site recently from sisters in our sisterhood who are feeling lost.  Many sisters are trying to make decisions in their life and they feel like they can’t get it together to make the right choice.  If you are…

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Do you struggle to believe there’s light inside you?

Today as I was responding to comments from sisters in our sisterhood on Facebook and our website, I came across a comment that really moved me.  The comment was in response to the article Are You Being Cracked Open to let in the Light.  A sister in our sisterhood wrote, “I struggle to believe there’s…

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You’re Not Alone!

I recently posted an article titled Are You Being Cracked Open to Let in the Light.  In that article I shared that during my divorce I faced a dark and lonely journey.  If you have not read the whole article, click the link below to get it. Are You Bring Cracked Open to Let in…

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Are you being cracked open to let in the light?

Today I met a magical woman.  She and I came together through a series of divinely orchestrated events.  When we met our connection was deep and we immediately knew we were soul sisters.  Our conversations were immediately deep and it felt as though we had known each other for years.  I found myself sharing things…

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Do you give away your power?

I have seen many women give away their power recently.  Yesterday I had a conversation with a sister from our sisterhood who gave her power away to a business partner.  Even though they were in business together and our sister was making amazing contributions to the business, she always felt her partner was the “brains…

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Can you feel the life force?

Most people today live a crazy busy life.  Many women run every day from the time they wake up until their heads hits the pillow again at night.  I recently met a sister in our sisterhood whose life looked just like this.  She is a Project Manager at a very demanding job.  Her regular routine…

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What’s your model of the world?

In a recent article titled “Do You Own You Are Perfect”, I said there is not another person who has the exact same make up as you or who has had the exact same experiences that you have had.  Because every person on the planet is unique, every person on the planet has their own model…

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