Is there a message you need to hear?

Six weeks ago today I woke up to a big, bold message glaring at me.  This message was an awakening that stirred from somewhere deep inside my soul.  A part of me wanted to hear this message more than anything and yet another part of me wanted to avoid the message more than anything.  As…

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Why does criticism hurt & how do I stop it?

Have you ever been hurt by criticism?  Most of us have at some point.  Have you ever asked yourself why criticism hurts?  One sister from our sisterhood was brave enough to question how to avoid being hurt by criticism.  Click the link below to get perspective on why criticism hurts and how to avoid feeling…

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redefine fear

Can you redefine fear?

There is a lot of talk about fear in the self-help world.  Most people believe fear is something to avoid or something that is not real.  Click the link below to get the story of two people who see fear very differently, one who believes it’s not real and tries to avoid it and another…

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Can love defuse negative energy?

Last weekend when sisters from our sisterhood came together for our Fireside Chat Series in Denver the topic of love was weaved into many of our conversations.  One specific conversation focused on what it looks like to lead with love in difficult situations.  As a woman you have the gift of leading in your feminine…

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Are you needing sisterhood?

I just finished the In Power Sisterhood fireside chat series.  What an amazing two days!  We had a great group of women come together to share energy, stories and some great content.  We did 4 chats and at the beginning of each chat everyone shared why they were part of the group and what they…

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Super Soul Sunday

The Gaping Hole in Super Soul Sunday

Last night a friend and I had a girls’ night in.  We ate Chinese takeout and watched recordings of Oprah’s Super Sunday.  Doesn’t that sound like a great girls’ night in?  I love, love, love Super Soul Sunday and Oprah! One of the episodes we watched featured Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of the book Eat,…

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The Secret to Reaching Your Goals

Have you ever had a time in your life when you were working toward a goal and you hit obstacle after obstacle with everything you tried?  You tried one path and hit and obstacle, then switched to another path and hit another obstacle.  No matter what you tried it just didn’t work. Some people believe…

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Are you willing to be vulnerable?

The topic of vulnerability is a topic that makes most women constrict.  A lot of times, just bringing up the topic of vulnerability causes women to get uncomfortable.  We have been conditioned to believe that being vulnerable means being weak and that being vulnerable is risky and scary.  I believed that for a very long…

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Are you holding on to hurt?

I recently made a post on Facebook that brought up a lot of conversations in our sisterhood.  The post said, “One of the most courageous decisions you’ll ever make is to finally let go of what is hurting your heart & soul.”  I heard from sisters who believe letting go is hard.  I heard from…

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Are you open to big possibilities?

I’m sure your schedule and your life are crazy busy.  That’s pretty common with women these days.  Our schedules are so packed with tasks and things that need to be done there is very little room for just being and focusing on things beyond what is happening right now.  It’s important, sister, that you take…

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