are you being who you want to be

Are you being who you want to be?

Every moment of your life is an experience to choose who you want to be.  Have you ever wondered how two people can have the same experience and yet when each of them shares their experience they describe something very different?  This happens because each person has the choice to determine who they want to…

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Are you comfortably happy

Are you feeling comfortably unhappy or uncomfortably happy?

If I ask you if you want to be happy or unhappy you would most likely respond with something like obviously I want to be happy.  When choosing between the positive emotion of happiness and the less than positive emotion of unhappiness it’s easy to decide that you would like to experience the positive. When…

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Are You living your potential

Are you living your potential?

Society and the world you live in condition you to make comparisons.  I was recently having a conversation with a sister from our sisterhood.  As the conversation became emotionally charged our sister said to me, “I’m doing better than most people would be doing in this situation.”  This is so common.  You have been taught…

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What Clues are in Your Words 2

What clues are in your words?

There is so much power in the words that you say and even more messages embedded between the words.  Yesterday I was coaching with a business client.  The client said to me, “I have just enough arrogance to be successful.”  I paused and let what the client said sink in before I asked, “What do…

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What Recharges You

What recharges you?

Recently I had a wake-up call.  Through divine orchestration I had a spiritual teacher help me recharge my energy.  When I got recharged and filled up, I was surprised to discover what had happened to me.  My energy was slowly depleting and I didn’t recognize it.  Could this be happening to you? Humans are creatures…

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Are affirmations alone enough?

This article is inspired by a sister from our sisterhood who is in a moment of feeling lost.  She is facing a storm in her life.  There are lots of things taking place that have left her emotionally and physically exhausted.  Our sister has done lots of personal development work over several years.  Prior to…

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Do you choose love and light?

Every day you are presented with a choice as to whether you are seeking love and light.  When you are conscious of the choices you make and what you are seeking you can choose to seek love and light.  I recently had a conversation with a friend who is facing a tough time with her…

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Are you grateful for the gift

Are you grateful for the lesson?

Today’s article is inspired by an amazing sister in our sisterhood who is experiencing a huge amount of personal growth in her life.  Her growth has come about at a less than ideal time in her life because she is working on a project with a tight timeline.  She is very successful in her work…

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Are you making space for your dreams

Are you making space for your dreams?

Yesterday I had a conversation with a sister from our sisterhood who has some ginormous hopes and dreams.  When she speaks of her dreams she glows and overflows with passion.  Just a few words into our discussion I got excited because she was projecting incredible energy around her aspirations.  The beginning of our conversation was…

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WhoTook A Chance on You

Who took a chance on you?

Recently I have been reviewing how I got to where I am today in business.  For some reason at this point in my life I have felt the need to review all that led me to be who I am today and what I have accomplished in my work life.  I am so grateful for…

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