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Is silence golden?

I saw a commercial the other day that made me want to grab the remote and check my TV for technical problems. When I looked up the only thing on my TV was a picture of a person sitting at a desk with their feet propped on the corner of the desk.  For 80% of…

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How do you get present?

Being present is a topic that has been surrounding me for months.  Being present is stated many different ways.  A couple weeks ago I attended an amazing seminar where Tim Ryan, a Congressman from Indiana, referred to it as being mindful.  There are many different ways to describe our ability to be fully open and…

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How do you control the “worry wart” within you?

Many sisters are looking for answers to the question “how do you stop worrying?”   It’s only natural to worry about different things from time to time and it can even be helpful in certain situations. But when we become a “worry wart” or dwell unduly on difficult situations or troubles, it is not only unhealthy,…

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Open yourself to new ideas and ask for help.

Some decisions we have to make in life are very difficult and the complexity of the decision adds to the challenge of finding the right solution. I have never been good at asking for help.  I want to share a great lesson I learned this week that I believe will benefit our sisters who struggle…

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Who took a chance on you dreamstimeextralarge_7385204

Who took a chance on you?

Recently I have been reviewing how I got to where I am today in business. For some reason at this point in my life I have felt the need to review all that led me to be who I am today and what I have accomplished in my work life. I am so grateful for…

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Are you feeling the awakening?

There is an awakening happening in the hearts and souls of women all around the world. If you are reading this article right now, you are part of the awakening. The feelings that surface during the awakening generate a lot of questions for women, so today I want to address a common question that women…

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Decorate your life dreamstime_xxl_35953730

How do you decorate your life?

I recently moved into my new house and even though moving can be overwhelming, I always feel it’s exciting and refreshing.  I feel like it’s a new beginning of a new chapter in my life.  Now that I have most of the boxes unpacked and the essentials have been put into cupboards and closets, I’m…

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Why not talk about the positive?

Recently I was in a local wine bar waiting for a friend.  While I was waiting I observed a group of women enjoying a glass of wine, talking, sharing and catching up.  The group was upbeat and positive.  I observed a shift in this group in an instant.  One woman in the group shared the…

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Are you grateful for the gift of opportunity?

Today’s article is inspired by an amazing sister in our sisterhood who is experiencing a huge amount of personal growth in her life.  Her growth has come about at a less than ideal time in her life because she is working on a project with a tight timeline.  She is very successful in her work…

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Do you hold onto beliefs because they are tied to people you love?

During a recent coaching session with Marla, a sister from our sisterhood, I saw an amazing break through take place. I believe many women will experience a giant break through, just like our sister did, when this lesson is shared. As I was talking with Marla about a specific childhood experience she kept deflecting questions.…

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