2 Tips to Having More Spiritual Experiences

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I had a powerful conversation about spiritual experiences that I want to share.  During the conversation I was sharing how I have recently had some magical moments that I believe to be divinely orchestrated by the Universe to help me fulfill my divine assignment.  Woohoo for that…I love getting that divine support!

During the conversation the woman I was speaking to became very frustrated, agitated and really upset. As I sensed the shift in her emotions, I asked what she was feeling. I got a big surprise as she exploded with a burst of negative emotions. She explained that she had been waiting for years for divine guidance and she is angry with the Universe that she hasn’t received more.  As she vented her emotions, she stated that she is more open minded than some of the other people she knows who have received divine messages and got connected to their purpose. She has asked for guidance, has waited a long time for it and she just can’t understand why others around her who aren’t as open minded as she is are getting guidance and she is not.

This conversation reminded me of the many people that I meet who are on a quest for their big spiritual moment. Some of these people go to extremes on their quest. I have met people who have traveled to far off lands, stayed in spiritual retreat centers for great lengths of time and visited different types of gurus, all of this on their quest to find a significant spiritual moment.

Eckhart Tolle says, “Most people, in their restless search for something significant to happen to them, continuously miss the insignificant, which may not be insignificant at all.”

As I listened to frustration I couldn’t help but wonder if this woman, in her quest for a significant spiritual experience she was missing many spiritual moments because they didn’t qualify as significant to her.  She was waiting for an experience as big as the burning bush for Moses and nothing short of that qualified as a spiritual moment.

There are spiritual moments happening around you every single day. If you are only looking for big and significant you may be missing these moments.

I got one more clue big clue as to why this woman couldn’t see the spiritual experiences being presented to her. She stated she is more open minded than many others. The heart is the gateway to your spirituality. Part of the reason she was looking past the divine moments in her life is that she was processing them in her mind, rather than her heart.  Most spiritual experiences if processed in the mind will not make sense and they may not even appear to be spiritual.  The human mind doesn’t have the ability to logically digest spiritual experiences and many times it explains them away.

Two things you can learn from this to have more spiritual experiences:

  1. Open your heart and feel into the spiritual magic in your life every day!
  2. Know that there is divine support orchestrating in your life every day. Look for the experiences that you have called insignificant in the past.  Those experiences you believe to be insignificant might just be significant!

Do you overlook the “insignificant” in your quest to find the “significant”?  Are you willing to open your heart and look for magic all around you?  Share your thoughts and feelings in the comments section.  We all learn and grow together when we share!

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