Are your 2018 goals doomed to fail?

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They don’t have to be.  You just need a little secret most people don’t talk about when setting goals.

It’s that time of year again when everyone is setting New Year’s resolutions and goals.

I was recently doing some goal setting work with a client.  She’s an amazing woman who has some very ambitious goals for the upcoming year, which is super exciting.  She took time to think about her goals and write them down.  What she captured was pretty impressive but there was a giant gap in her goal setting process.

The gap isn’t unusual.  It happens a lot when people set goals.  It’s a reflection of how the world conditions us to achieve things.  And it’s also why a lot of people won’t reach their goals in 2018 and even more will throw out their New Year’s resolutions in a few short weeks.

If you really want to achieve your goals and resolutions, you must know this secret to making them work.

Lean in for this one, it’s a biggie!

Most people write their goals based on what they want to accomplish, what they want to do.  The secret to accomplishing your goal is to look at who you must be to accomplish your goal.

If you have already written goals for 2018, I encourage you to go back and look at your goals.  If you haven’t written any goals for 2018 yet, I encourage you to take the time to jot a few down now.

Look at one of your goals for 2018 and ask yourself, “Who do I have to be to accomplish this goal?”  That’s a very different question than what do I have to do to accomplish this goal.

Let me give you an example.

Goal: I am growing my business by 10 clients in the first quarter.

Who do I have to be?  I have to be someone my clients want to follow.  I have to be a leader.  I have to be good at closing sales.

Once you have answered the question “who do I have to be”, you can set a being goal.  A being goal sets an intention of who you will become to accomplish your initial goal.  If you want the best chance at success, set doing and being goals.

You live in a world where you are conditioned to focus on what you must DO to accomplish goals.  Many times, who you must BE to accomplish your goals is overlooked.

So, as you jump into big goals and dreams for 2018, I encourage you to set your goals holistically, considering what you want to do and who you must become.  This will dramatically increase your chance of accomplishing your biggest dreams in 2018.

What’s your biggest goal for 2018?  Who do you have to become to accomplish that goal?  Share your thoughts and feelings with our sisterhood.  We all learn and grow when you share.

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