3 Steps to Taking Back your Power

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I have seen many women give away their power recently.  Yesterday I had a conversation with a sister from our sisterhood who gave her power away to a business partner.  Even though they were in business together and our sister was making amazing contributions to the business, she always felt her partner was the “brains of the business” and she was helping to bring his message into the world.  Our sister didn’t own that the message was never his alone, she really owns a part of the message and a huge part of what is being done to bring that message into the world.

I witnessed another sister from our sisterhood giving her power away to a healer.  She would do regular sessions with a woman who was a very gifted Reiki healer.  When our sister began to experience good results from the healing sessions, she gave all the credit to the healer.  Our sister failed to own that she had a role in the healing.  She overlooked all the things she was doing in her life to bring healing to her body.  Instead of owning the things she was doing and seeing that the healer was a part of what she manifested into her world for her healing, she gave all credit to the healer.

Do you give away your power to others?  If you do, you are not alone.  Many women face this.  You may look outside yourself rather than looking inside at the power that you hold.  Many times a woman gives her power to someone else because she is not able to stand confidently and own that she is all that she is.  There are many things in life that condition you to give away your power the biggest of these is to not believe in yourself.

I encourage you to take a quick inventory of your life.  Are there places that you are giving your power to someone else?  Be honest with yourself about the places where you are doing this.  Why are you choosing to give away your power rather than own it?  Ask yourself what is blocking you from being able to stand in your own power.

Being aware that you are giving away your power is the first step, being honest about why you are choosing to do it is the next big step.  When you take the time to ask yourself why you are choosing this, you just might be surprised at what you share with yourself.  And then, and this is the most important, make a choice to take back your power and own who you are!  You are a powerful woman who deserves to stand fully in her power!

What places in your life are you giving away your power?  Can you determine why you have given away your power and what you need to do to get it back?  Share your experiences, thoughts and feelings with our sisterhood.  We all learn and grow together when we share.

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Janelle Saar

Janelle Saar, Founder of the In Power Sisterhood, is bringing together an enlightened community of women that are creating connections, fueling souls, finding purpose, inspiring passion, transforming lives & giving forward. Many women are disconnected from their true selves. This disconnection leaves them feeling a sense of emptiness and a lack of fulfillment. In Power Sisterhood is guiding women through a process of self-discovery so they find the essence of themselves as a woman internally. In a world where women are conditioned to believe in external validation and external scorecards, In Power Sisterhood inspires women to find their passion, power and purpose inside themselves. Women living in passion, power and purpose, live an abundant life of fulfillment, love and happiness.

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