Are you holding on to hurt?

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I made a post on Facebook that brought up a lot of conversations in our sisterhood.  The post said, “One of the most courageous decisions you’ll ever make is to finally let go of what is hurting your heart & soul.”  I heard from sisters who believe letting go is hard.  I heard from a sister who believes she is struggling to let go because she wears her heart on her sleeve and cares too much for people.  Another sister said she is working on this but she knows her self-esteem prevents her from making changes.  All the conversation in our sisterhood called to my heart.  It made me ponder why someone willingly holds on to something that they know is hurting them.  If something is a known hurt why do you allow it to stay in your life?

Are you facing something right now that is hurting you and you can’t let go?

If so this article is for you.  It’s for every sister in our sisterhood who is holding on to something, to anything, that you know is hurting you.

Right now you may be feeling like you have to hold on because you just can’t face what it will take to let go or you may be scared of letting go because you don’t know what will happen when you do.  You may be clinging to hope that the situation will be different and hurt will stop without you having to make any major changes in your life.  If you are facing hurt, you are not alone in any of these feelings.

Regardless of the details of your situation, if you are in a place where you are feeling hurt, you need to know that you deserve love, happiness and joy in your life.  You don’t have to pay dues to receive it and there is nothing…and I mean nothing… in your life that has happened that makes you not deserve it.    You are more than enough just the way you are and you deserve love, happiness and joy just because you are you!

Many women stay in the hurt because they have lost touch with the fact that they are worth it and they deserve to have their hearts overflowing.  Are you one of these women?  Be honest with yourself, feel into it.  Being aware of what you are feeling is the first step to making the choice to end the hurt.  You are a powerful woman and you have the strength to choose you and to choose love, happiness and joy in your life.  Make a choice. Let go of that which is not serving you to make room for all that you deserve.  You are that powerful!

What is keeping you tied to something that is hurting you?  Share with our sisterhood in the comments section.  We all learn and grow together when we share.

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Janelle Saar

Janelle Saar, Founder of the In Power Sisterhood, is bringing together an enlightened community of women that are creating connections, fueling souls, finding purpose, inspiring passion, transforming lives & giving forward. Many women are disconnected from their true selves. This disconnection leaves them feeling a sense of emptiness and a lack of fulfillment. In Power Sisterhood is guiding women through a process of self-discovery so they find the essence of themselves as a woman internally. In a world where women are conditioned to believe in external validation and external scorecards, In Power Sisterhood inspires women to find their passion, power and purpose inside themselves. Women living in passion, power and purpose, live an abundant life of fulfillment, love and happiness.

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