Are you leaping into greatness?

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We are all presented with many opportunities in life to stand before our greatness. These moments are like standing on the edge of a cliff looking out at a great abyss. We don’t know exactly what lies ahead and whatever it is calls to our heart and soul. Everyone’s exact circumstances for greatness are their own. Although we face the same leap to embrace our greatness, we all came here to this planet with different assignments. For some the leap may be giving their heart in a relationship, for others it may be a business opportunity. Some leap into becoming a parent. And some are faced with making a decision in an instant during a tragedy. No two leaps into greatness are the same circumstances. That is the beauty of the human experience.

Although the circumstances are not the same, we face many of the same inner growth when standing before our greatness. For most when they stand before their greatness, they feel fear. This is the ego trying protecting and keeping us safe. The ego is very good at letting us know all the reasons why leaping into greatness is dangerous. It runs through the list of what ifs and all the things that could go wrong if you take this leap. The ego creates fear to keep us in our comfort zone. For many when the ego triggers this fear, it is cause to step away from their greatness.

Understanding this pattern of safety from the ego is the first step to moving past it. Once the ego is no longer triggering fear, something miraculous happens and what was once fear gets replaced with exhilaration. Without fear when you are standing at the edge of your greatness, looking over into the abyss creates excitement and adrenaline. In that space of excitement is where greatness really lives. Now instead of the fear of what ifs and what could go wrong, there is what ifs and what could go right. The imagination connects to all the things that lie in greatness, all you came here to be and do.

To make the leap into greatness, you must let go of the fear and embrace the exhilaration!

I am sharing this message with you from experience. This week I face my greatness! I am standing at the edge of the cliff, ready to leap into my greatness! Many of you know In Power Sisterhood is my divine assignment. Inspiring women to live in passion, power and purpose makes my heart sing and my soul vibrate. This is a milestone week because In Power Sisterhood will be holding our first women’s empowerment workshop this weekend. If you have followed my story, you know it took me a long time to own that I am here to serve women through In Power Sisterhood.

Many times over the last couple years, the Universe has brought me to the edge of cliff and I have stared into my greatness. And every time I found a reason to step away from the edge, to wait a little longer to own my greatness. I had a lot of “good excuses”, I had fear and I had self doubt. For a long time I couldn’t believe I was the girl to fulfill this divine assignment. I have made several small leaps to get to this place. This weekend is a ginormous leap into my greatness! I am thrilled to get to spend the weekend inspiring women to live in passion, power and purpose, own their feminine power and who they really are. Creating transformation for these women will be one of the greatest gifts I have received in this lifetime. Incredible treasures lie in the leap!

Every one of us set an intention to fulfill a divine assignment, to fulfill that assignment you have to leap into your greatness. Have you leaped into your greatness? What was your experience like? Are you still searching for your greatness? Share with your sisters in the comment section. We all learn and grow together when we share.

In Power Sisterhood will be conducting workshops in numerous cities and we want to include a location near you. If you are interested in receiving more information on upcoming workshops or you would like to get your city on our tour schedule, please click the link below and let us know!


About The Author

Janelle Saar

Janelle Saar, Founder of the In Power Sisterhood, is bringing together an enlightened community of women that are creating connections, fueling souls, finding purpose, inspiring passion, transforming lives & giving forward. Many women are disconnected from their true selves. This disconnection leaves them feeling a sense of emptiness and a lack of fulfillment. In Power Sisterhood is guiding women through a process of self-discovery so they find the essence of themselves as a woman internally. In a world where women are conditioned to believe in external validation and external scorecards, In Power Sisterhood inspires women to find their passion, power and purpose inside themselves. Women living in passion, power and purpose, live an abundant life of fulfillment, love and happiness.

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