Are you willing to take a chance?

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Recently I had a conversation with a young woman who is 20 years old and working to find her place in the world. Although some women go through a formative stage earlier or later, around 20 is such a formative age for many women when they are leaving the comfort and safety of their parents’ home, looking to make a life on their own.

The young woman I was speaking with was going through just that. She had moved into an apartment of her own and was searching for a job. She had a long list of the types of jobs she was interested in having. During our conversation she expressed frustration because she didn't know it would be so difficult to find a job. The employers she talked to wanted experience she didn't have. She posed the question, “how do I get the experience when no one will hire me without experience?”

This made me realize we all have moments in life when we don’t have the experience that is required and, so, in order to get the opportunity someone must take a chance on you. That someone might be a coach that believes in your potential before you have practiced enough to have the talent required. It may be a boss that believes in your potential before you have the exact skills they are looking for. Or it may be someone who believed in you, when you didn't believe in yourself. If you review your life I suspect you will find times when someone took a chance on you because they believed in you. Many times these chance moments are milestones that have a significant impact on your life.

Take a moment and review your life. Who took a chance on you when you weren’t quite ready or you didn't quite have the experience or you didn't believe in yourself? How significant of an impact did they have on your life? Make a list of those people and what they did for you.

Is the person that took a chance on you still in your life? If so reach out to them and thank them for what they gave to you. If the person is not still in your life, thank them anyway. Send gratitude from your heart into the Universe, that gratitude energy will find its way to them.

Review the impact of those people in your life because they were willing to take a chance and believe in you. Now consider the places in your life where you have the opportunity to give forward. Are there places you can take a chance on someone? Are there people you can impact by believing in them even if they don’t believe in themselves? Do you have someone in your life that you see so much potential in and yet they don’t see it in themselves? How much difference can you make by taking the chance or telling another that you believe in them?

We all have times in life when someone else’s belief in us changed everything. Be grateful for those moments in your life and then seek out opportunities to be the change in someone else’s!

Be a part of our sisterhood! We learn from and support each other when you share your comments. Share a story of when someone took a chance and believed in you when you didn't or share about how you have impacted someone else when you took a chance and believed in them.

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