Awaken Your True Essence - Guided Meditation

Do You Remember Who You Are?

Can You Truly Remember?

How long has it been since you felt connected to the core essence of your being?

 It's Time to Awaken Your Inner Goddess.

Welcome Sister, Your Long Wait is Over!

Everything you want, need, and desire is already inside you.  It's time to return to that place where you are whole.

It's Time for Your Journey to Begin...

You're about to begin a  journey that opens you up to all you are and all you are here to be.

It's not an accident that you're here.  You are here right now because you yearn to awaken.

If this letter speaks to your experience as a woman up to this point in your life, you're not alone.

In the busyness of everyday life, it's all too easy for us as women to disconnect from source and your core essence.

This changes today with your decision to Awaken Your True Essence with this guided mediation.

There's a powerful feminine Goddess inside you.  It's time to awaken your inner Goddess!


The music was spot on.  The idea spot on.  The length and format spot on. I loved blending the color and paying attention to each chakra.  Being with the breath and letting go are so important for me. I am pretty challenged just now and this was a wonderful gift to me! Thank you!  Thank you!  I got the full experience the first time around and only wanted more.

Lisa, West Palm Beach, FL

You Must Begin to Turn Your Attention to Yourself.

"Turning your attention to yourself is not selfish.  It is self-full."

Only when you create time for your own healing and inner exploration, can you tap into the infinite pool of love and light that has always been inside you.

Connecting to this sacred space inside you allows you to experience divine unconditional love that rejuvenates your heart, your mind, your body, and your spirit.

This rejuvenation expresses itself as an abundance of new-found energy.

Instead of just getting by day-to-day, you suddenly have the resources and vision to make creative changes, and live the life you are meant to live.

In this sacred space, you'll feel a deep relaxation and a release of negative energy and stress, creating a sensation of pure bliss.

When you make this guided mediation a regular practice, you find it easier to return to this state of bliss at will with a single breath.

The more you absorb the divine unconditional love that's already within you, the more you'll experience enormous shifts in the flow of energy within your mind, body, heart, and spirit that stays with you long after each mediation is complete.

This meditation serves to remind you that no matter what is happening in the external world around you, your core essence deep within your heart space is always overflowing with unconditional love and light.

You have the ability to connect to that sacred space in any moment.

It's time to let go of fear and procrastination. The world needs you to be all you are whole, complete, vibrant, fully alive and living your divine potential.


For myself in this meditation I really focused on dropping into my heart. Bringing Awareness to my Heart and having it be fully open for the experience. Towards the end of the meditation I experienced a surge of white light that appeared to be in front of my heart. I am grateful for the love and intention you placed into this meditation for the greater good of all. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Darlene, Calgary, Alberta Canada

Your Sacred Heart Space

The true gift in being a woman is that you have access to a unique and sacred space deep in the core of your being.

As women we get our power, passion, and purpose from our internal core essence...

Our Heart Space

However, for many women the connection and flow of energy from this sacred space is blocked or at least limited, creating a disconnection from your true self.


The next morning I awoke with Spiritual being of energy on my left and right.  I could see and feel them completely.  This is a higher level of integration with the Collective Consciousness and finally the “breakthrough”, acceptance and surrender of remaining false identity based on a false definition of individuality.  This is a fantastic clearing and charging for chakras as well as brining it all together!  Your affirmations are beautifully timed!  I believe you have been given a gift with massive ripple effect potential.

Kim, Alberta, Canada

Awaken Your True Essence - Guided Meditation

Awaken Your True Essence is a guided meditation designed to take you on a journey from wherever you are in life, back to the sacred space of your core essence, and to who you really are beyond the external world.

In this guided meditation you will:

  • Learn how to open up your heart space and activate the divine feminine within you.
  • Clear blocked energy in your body, creating balance and harmony.
  • Learn to live with passion, power and purpose.
  • Regain a true sense of self.
  • Gain improved health, happiness, and well-being.
  • Experience more fulfilling relationships.
  • Create a life of abundance, gratitude, and acceptance.
  • Strengthen your immune system.
  • Uplift your spirituality.
  • Connect with your life's purpose.
  • Learn to love yourself unconditionally.
  • Sleep deeply and awaken refreshed.
  • Release the stress and negativity in your life.
  • Have better health, more wealth and better relationships.
  • Feel more love, joy and gratitude.
  • Gain more confidence.
  • Find more happiness and passion in your life.

Taking the journey to your core essence is a powerful way to get more of everything you want out of life and to experience a deep and lasting sense of fulfillment.



This was really lovely. I experienced a high level of inner vision, seeing the chakras activate and cleanse. I felt a very deep sense of peace after, and intend to continue using this meditation to explore it further. Beautiful.

Gina, San Francisco, CA

Your Future Self

Visualize how your life will transform by dedicating time and space to reclaiming your authentic, powerful self.

Imagine yourself weeks, months, and even years from now when you consciously allow yourself to untie the cords and limitations wrapped around your soul.  Envision yourself working your way free from the cocoon and becoming the woman that you were always meant to be.

Instead of just getting by day-to-day, you suddenly have the resources and vision to make creative changes, and are now about to live the life that you were meant to live.

There is an infinite pool of love and light inside you. It’s always been there for you but now you’re able to tune into it at any moment.

You’re connected to this sacred space, experiencing divined unconditional love.

You remember who you truly are and are living fully connected to yourself and the world around you.

You are awake to your true essence.

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