How do you handle the tough times?

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Today was a beautiful day. The sun was out, it was warm. It was a really great spring day. It was so great I couldn't stay inside. I had to take a little time away from my computer to enjoy the sunshine. So I turned everything off and took my dog for a walk.

Now here I sit at the table in my breakfast nook just a couple hours later listening to the thunder and watching the rain. The dramatic shift in the weather got me thinking about how life sometimes does the same thing. We are cruising along in the sunny, warm days of life and then out of nowhere life takes a turn and we are living in thunder and rain.

We have all sunny days and rainy days in life, that’s how life works. I spent most of my life fighting the down times. I like to be happy, having fun and finding the joy in life. So when a down time in life came I would look for the fastest way out of it. I didn't like being there and I wouldn't stay one minute longer than I had to. I actually got really good at finding exit strategies and a fast route back to the good times. Most people would consider that a good thing and congratulate me on my ability to navigate back to the sunshine.

Just over a year ago in the midst of a rainy spell in my life I got a ginormous lesson. I discovered that in the midst of becoming good at getting out of the bad times fast, I was neglecting myself the opportunity to absorb the lesson the Universe had prepared for me. Finding the fastest way out of the bad times is not always what is best for us. I know this seems counter intuitive. I know when I was first given this lesson I thought it sounded ridiculous. How could it be better for me to stay in a place where life wasn't full of happiness and joy in every aspect? I said to myself, “staying in a moment of sadness or hurt could be good for me…huh?”

Then I realized the Universe does not give us down times to hurt us. We have down times so we can receive lessons and grow. I also discovered when I exited the down time quickly without my lesson the same lesson came around to me again. There have been many lessons in my life that the Universe has delivered to me on numerous occasions because I chose to boogie out of a down time as quickly as possible and I neglected to get my growth. The Universe is flawless with this. When there is a lesson designed to grow your soul, the Universe will be relentless in ensuring you get it.

When all this hit me a year ago I decided to consciously handle the down times in my life differently. I no longer speed my way out of them. I choose to embrace the lesson. Here are the steps I take when I am faced with a challenging time in life.

1. I consciously acknowledge that I am entering a time of growth. I journal on my acknowledgement, I admit it to people around me and I own it with the angels.

2. I feel the shifts in my body, my mental state and my emotions, and I own them openly. I keep my heart open even when I want to close down in protection.

3. Lastly…and this is a BIG ONE…I ask my angels to bring me the lessons I need for my soul to grow. I ask them to be with me through it all and to guide me back to the sunshine as soon as I get the lesson and I am ready.

Changing the way I approached the down times, changed everything. I feel much more loved even when things are tough. I flow through the down times without a fight or struggle, like I felt in the past. I stay connected to me, even in the tough times. There is a great line in the song “Stand a Little Rain” by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, “if you ever want to see a rainbow, you have to stand a little rain.”

I have seen many changes in how I personally process the down times. The down times are still down times. However since I shifted how I handle them, I embrace them and appreciate the value they bring to me. I embrace the rain so I stretch, grow and get to see the rainbow on the other side.

Be a part of our community! We learn from and support each other by sharing in the comments section. Share how you deal with the challenging times in life. Do you have any tips on getting through the tough times?

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