This is a BIG message just for you!

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I have a valuable lesson for you.  This is a big one…a ginormous one really.  Are you ready?  Take a deep breath and feel this…

There is nothing in life more important than you being you, the true you that you are at your core essence!

As you read that you may have some stuff popping up to debate it.  You may be feeling like there are a million things on your to do list right now that are important.  You might even feel overwhelmed as you read it because there is a part of you that wants to be something less than the true you at your core essence.

I want you to know, it’s ok to be big, to shine your light brightly and to take up a lot of space!  You may be feeling like it’s better to be small or to dim your light just a little bit or you may even be feeling like you should shrink yourself just a little bit so people around you can handle you.

I can relate to everything you are feeling because I felt it too.  I spent a lot of my life living in what I refer to as the “little Janelle box.”  In that space I would dim my light so I could fit in with people around me.  I would choose to be small, and with the help of some conditioning by society and people around me I would get into this little box that I had created.  The truth is that it was comfortable in that place.  For a long time I had a calling in my heart to fly and soar and yet I hid my wings.  I did it because there was a part of me that couldn’t own being big, being the true me.  During that time I felt stifled by life and wanted more, but I struggled to believe I deserved to have more. A part of me even believed that the people around me wouldn’t like me if I chose to live free without the restrictions of a small box.  The people around me encouraged me to stay in my box because if I were to shed my box and find my wings, it would somehow reflect on them and their choice to live in their own small box.

When you choose to own who you are with all your gifts and imperfections it unlocks a magical place inside you.  In that magical space you can fly and soar!  You can expand your being to be as big as your heart desires!  You have the power right now to choose to be you.  You can choose to make being you the most important thing in your world.  When you make that choice I promise you will find magic.  There is an incredibly powerful woman inside you and it’s time for her to come out and fly!

How do you live your life connected to your true self?  What magic have you found there?  If you are struggling to be you share your story with our sisterhood so we can support you in finding that magical space inside you.  Share in the comments section, we all learn and grow together when we share!

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Janelle Saar

Janelle Saar, Founder of the In Power Sisterhood, is bringing together an enlightened community of women that are creating connections, fueling souls, finding purpose, inspiring passion, transforming lives & giving forward. Many women are disconnected from their true selves. This disconnection leaves them feeling a sense of emptiness and a lack of fulfillment. In Power Sisterhood is guiding women through a process of self-discovery so they find the essence of themselves as a woman internally. In a world where women are conditioned to believe in external validation and external scorecards, In Power Sisterhood inspires women to find their passion, power and purpose inside themselves. Women living in passion, power and purpose, live an abundant life of fulfillment, love and happiness.

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