Where are you looking for happiness and joy?

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I meet a lot of women who are searching for happiness and joy.  Are you searching for happiness and joy in people and things around you?  If you are, you’re not alone.  Most of us have been taught and conditioned to seek happiness and joy externally in people, things and even situations.

There’s a big problem with looking externally.  When you don’t feel happiness and joy on the inside it’s impossible to find it outside of you.  If you are discontent on the inside, you can be surrounded by happy people and not feel the happiness.  When you are unhappy with yourself, all the things in the world won’t make you feel better.  That’s because happiness and joy are inside jobs.

The secret to finding happiness and joy externally is to find happiness and joy internally first!

You might be saying to yourself, that sounds great but how do I find internal happiness and joy.  The very first step is to be aware that you have been conditioned to look externally, recognize when you are seeking happiness and joy externally to fill in a gap because you don’t feel it internally.  Another big clue that you are not feeling happiness and joy internally is that you feel unhappy externally.

Recently I was having a conversation with a sister from our sisterhood.  As the conversation progressed she told me about all the things in her life that were making her feel unhappy.  All the things she shared with me were external factors, everything from family, to finances, to the weather.  Part way into her list of external factoring making her feel unhappy I asked if she was happy with herself.  After a pause of contemplation, her eyes filled with tears.  In that instant her heart and soul made her aware that what she was experiencing externally was a reflection of what she was feeling internally.

When you are conscious that your external world is a reflection of your internal world, magic begins to happen.  Suddenly how you feel about the people, things, and situations around you become clues as to how you are feeling on the inside.  This awareness creates space for you to look inside.  When you no longer seek happiness and joy outside of you to fill in the gap inside you, the path to happiness and joy inside you begins to appear!

Where are you seeking happiness and joy in your life?  Are you conscious of seeking happiness and joy internally and externally?  Share your thoughts, feelings and journey with our sisterhood.  We all learn and grow together when we share!

About The Author

Janelle Saar

Janelle Saar, Founder of the In Power Sisterhood, is bringing together an enlightened community of women that are creating connections, fueling souls, finding purpose, inspiring passion, transforming lives & giving forward. Many women are disconnected from their true selves. This disconnection leaves them feeling a sense of emptiness and a lack of fulfillment. In Power Sisterhood is guiding women through a process of self-discovery so they find the essence of themselves as a woman internally. In a world where women are conditioned to believe in external validation and external scorecards, In Power Sisterhood inspires women to find their passion, power and purpose inside themselves. Women living in passion, power and purpose, live an abundant life of fulfillment, love and happiness.

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