Are you seeking something more?

Ready to tap into the best parts of you?

Janelle’s coaching style is unique, her ability to inspire people goes beyond typical self-help, personal development or expanding leadership skills. She’ll help you experience parts of you that have been dormant waiting to be awakened. 

She believes that in order to be a better mom, daughter, employee, leader, business owner…or really a better anything, you have to be a better you.

Janelle loves helping women find their voice, their truth, their power and who they really are in their full potential. Her coaching is anchored in finding the best parts of you and then applying that to whatever is most important to you, whether that be your career, finances, business, leadership or something else.


Janelle's gift is something that simply cannot be has to be experienced!

Wherever you are in your journey, whether…

  • you feel stuck & that something is holding you back
  • you're seeking something more
  • you are yearning to find your purpose
  • you want to be a better leader
  • you want to feel better & get more from life

Coaching with Janelle will help you find what you are seeking.


As I began this journey, I found myself in a really empty, disappointed, and frustrated place. My business was flat, I felt like I was getting burned out. At the core of me I felt like something was missing and I was a bit of a failure. I was sad and feeling like there has to be more to life than this.

Through coaching I now have a real confidence not dependent on what someone else says to me or about me.  I am living without fear driving my decisions. Coaching has also helped me have an entirely different perspective on life. I have gone through business training and years of personal development; this coaching was different. It has put me on a path fully embracing who I was created to be.

Janelle’s diverse background as an entrepreneur, corporate leader, speaker and “break out of the box to live life fully woman” gives her the ability to help women from all walks of life break through what’s holding them back.

Janelle has coached and inspired women from all walks of life from executives to moms to business owners and women facing challenging times while living in a homeless shelter. Her greatest fulfillment in life is watching women reconnect to their inner power, passion and purpose.

She believes it’s every women’s birthright to live life overflowing with everything their heart desires. Through coaching Janelle has a profound gift to awaken the best parts of you, those you know are inside you and even some parts you may not know exist.

AmyWest Virginia                 

I’ve been coaching with Janelle for only 8 weeks. I have always wondered what my purpose in life was. I’ve struggled for years with this and now the door has been opened. I am now conscious of my thoughts and what is going on around me. I now feel like I’m in control of my life. Taking one small step to coach with Janelle has made a huge difference and this was the best experience ever.

One on one coaching with Janelle makes it all about you and how to get you the results you are looking for.

If you’re ready to find the best parts of you…